Brian Vogan and his Good Buddies

Featuring fun, inclusive and interactive music for children and their parents, Brian and his Good Buddies have performed around the northwest for more than a decade.

NEW ALBUM: LUCKY 7! Brian Vogan's latest album is now available!

The Good Buddies began as an extension of Brian's work as an early childhood music educator in Seattle. Inspired to compose his own music for children, Brian teamed with arranger/pianist Jeremy Reinhold and his longtime musical collaborator and multi instrumentalist Kory Ochsner to record Little Songs, which was hailed by critics as one of the best children's CDs of 2008, and received a best of the decade nod by Wired Magazine's blog, GeekDad. The band's animated video for That's How a Pumpkin Grows (animated by Alberto Cerriteno) was voted best video of 2010 on Zooglobble.

Since then the Good Buddies have gone on to release Sing a Little Song (2010), Born to Wiggle (2012), Let's Go! (2013), High Five! (2014), BVGB (2015) and their latest, Lucky 7 (2016) available now! High 5, BVGB and Lucky 7 also feature fabulous cover artwork and merchandise designed by Scott Brothers.

In 2010 Seattle newspaper The Stranger proclaimed:

Seattle's Brian Vogan can and should take credit for inventing a new genre of kids' music called "kindie rock."

Carrie from Growing my Kids Reviews also wrote:

Brian Vogan and his Good Buddies are incredibly talented musicians, singing songs with great, amusing lyrics, and a fabulous sound as well. The songs on Born to Wiggle range from sweet to outright headbanging music. It's an album that both my kids and I are happy to listen to again and again.

Brian's decade of work with children removed from situations of abuse and neglect was recognized by Chris and Vicky Cornell, who contributed generously to his music program over the years. In 2017 Rolling Stone featured an article highlighting Brian's program here.

The Good Buddies have also donated hundreds of copies of each album to disadvantaged kiddos around Seattle, and in Montana where Brian was born. In total more than 3500 CD's have been given to children in need of extra smiles.

You can support Brian and his Good Buddies work by visiting their store here or contacting them to set up a live performance at

Who are the Good Buddies?

Brian and his Good Buddies are influenced by a vast array of musicians and genres, and by incorporating many styles into their music, the group is able to reach a broad audience of children and adults.

On stage Brian is joined by singer and early childhood music educator Danika Rose Morrow, bassist Michael Trew, violinist Julie Baldridge and drummer Jens Gunnoe.

Band alumni include: Kieran Pechter (vocals, keyboards), Libby Molamphy (vocals, percussion), Lauren Trew (horns), Ben Baier (bass) and Kellianne Cadavona (vocals).

How do I get in touch?

For more information please email band manager Christy at The group is currently booking shows for 2018 and beyond!

Also feel free to like and follow the band on Facebook!

BVGB - Born to Wiggle album cover Sing a Little Song album cover BVGB - Little Song album cover

"Born to Wiggle", "Sing a Little Song", and "Little Songs" are now available! Pick up your copies today!